A Powerful Mix
of CeFi and DeFi

Employing a self-sustaining, deflationary model, which triggers a burning mechanism and staking-reward spread.

Vendors and customers of non-crypto digital assets (PayPal, Gift Cards, etc) can seamlessly convert their assets to cryptocurrencies and fiats, at the heart of arbitration and daily usage.

With few clicks, users can save in bits or bulk, lock their assets, lend against the locked assets, and have access (via the use of stable crypto-assets) to cross-border investment opportunities on the launch pad.

A crypto-asset wallet (with fiat on+off ramps) designed for everyone.

Token Pre-Sale Ended



A leap over the existing industry solutions by integrating non-crypto digital assets (PayPal, Gift Cards, etc) and fiats in the crypto-exchange market, at the core of escrow service, instant trading, swap mechanics and users' privacy.

Savings and Investment

A personal financial management system designed for users to save (in bits or bulk), lock their assets (interest-and-financial-discipline-centered), invest in collateral-backed businesses, co-invest (with other users) and earn.


A leverage, which allows users to lend and borrow fiats and crypto assets (at fixed and variable rates set by the users) seamlessly and safely.


An asset-management facet, which allows users to store, spend and safeguard their crypto assets, contributes to the CXN's network CeFi's (exchange’s) liquidity pool and earn (as an upshot). It has both basic and advanced functionalities - anyone can use it. Fiat on+off ramps are at its core.

Point-of-Sale System

A system, which allows users to spend their assets on the web (web-based POS) and physically (terminal POS).


A dapp, which allows the CXN holders to stake and earn from the employed deflationary model. The audited smart contract is created with burning and staking functions.

CXN Tokens’ Use-cases

  • Deflationary Tokenomics

    Each address-to-address transaction incurs a 7% fee, which is allocated to the staking-reward pool (4%) and the burning mechanism (3%). The percentage allocated to the staking-reward pool is earned by the stakers based on the ownership ratios they have in the pool.

  • Unstaking Tokenomics

    All forms of unstaking incur a 5% fee, which is allocated to the staking-reward pool (3%) and the burning mechanism (2%).

  • Service Subscription

    Services (savings APR, investment ROI, market visibility, etc) can be better leveraged via the CXN tokens. To boot, the third-party services available on the CeFi's platform would be leveraged via the CXN tokens.

  • Trading and Withdrawal Fee Structure

    When the trading and the withdrawal fees are paid in the CXN tokens, the users enjoy a 50% discount, during the adoption phase.

  • Lending Collateral

    CXN tokens can be used as a collateral to unlock capital by family houses, institutions and individuals while they long on the asset (CXN). The unlocked capital can be leveraged on the investment platform, and this is couched in the employed Dual Market Access (DMA) model.

Token Allocation

Total supply 300,000,000

Pre-sale (30%)
Uniswap Liquidity Pool (14%)
Team (10%)
Marketing and Partnership (35.3%)
Staking Bonus (9.7%)
LID Stakers (1%)

Pre-sale Fund Allocation


Uniswap Liquidity


LID Partnership


ETH Injection


Marketing and Development

Financial Inclusion

Users (anyone) are given an access to financial tools, and huge markets' visibility ensues as they are connected to collateral-backed businesses (Blockchain, Real Estate, Agric, etc), which need funding(at the heart of shared profits). As the wallet is designed for everyone and to be beginner-friendly, there are two kinds, basic and advanced. Lots of technical functionalities are abstracted away from the basic wallet UI, but are retained in the advanced version.


FuturePost pre-salePre-saleBefore pre-saleQ2, 2018Q3 – Q4, 2018Q1 - Q4, 2019 – Q1 - Q3, 2020Q3, 2020Q4, 2020 – Q1, 2021Q1, 2021Q2, 2021
Before pre-sale

Q2, 2018

Team Formation


Research around Market Opportunities


Q3 - Q4, 2018

Recruitment of More Team Members


The Exchange Development Begins


Q1 - Q4, 2019 – Q1- Q3, 2020

The Exchange Development Progresses


September, 2020


Post pre-sale

Q3, 2020

Staking (September, 2020)


Listing on Uniswap (September, 2020)


The Public Launch of the Alpha Version of the Exchange (September, 2020)


Listing of the CXN Token on the Alpha Version (web-based) of the Exchange (September, 2020)


(Q4, 2020) – (Q1, 2021)

The launch of COX


Q1, 2021

The launch of the Beta Version of the Exchange (web-based)


An All-in-one Mobile App (Android and IOS) Powering:

The Exchange


Savings and Investment Facet


Lending Facet


Partnerships for Fiat Integration (On+off Ramps)


Q2, 2021

Wallet Launch (with fiat on+off ramps)


The Launch of the POS System

Business Expansion

Strategic Partnerships

Team Expansion

Platform’s Optimization


LID Protocol

Our Team

  • Alao Opeyemi

    Founder and CEO

  • Oyerinde Abolaji

    Co-founder and CTO

  • Azeez Ibrahim